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Mill extras

Gingerlemon (Ginger, lemon, mint),
This bold mix of ginger, lemon and mint has been very successful for gourmet products.
5 kg container with addition of 225 g of Gingerlemon/kg for Rye dough, Viennese, Gingerbread and Sandwich Loaf.

Muesli Fruits (mix of dried fruit and cereal)
This mix works perfectly with bread or brioche accompanying salads or full breakfasts.
5 kg container with addition of 250 g of Muesli Fruits/kg for Traditional Dough, Viennese or Brioche…

Cheese & Onion Marinade, for your seasonal appetisers.
The tasty ready-to-use cheese & onion bread marinade is easy to use and can be applied to all leftover breads. It adds flavour to your stale bread and allows
you to resell it for appetiser snacks.

Indian (Mix of pineapple, dried onion, grains and spices)
This mix combines sweet and savoury flavours and works perfectly with baked snacks.
3 kg container with addition of 150 g of Indian mix/kg for Tradition d’Auguste Dough


  • Ideal use of unsold products
  • Ready to use – Easy to use
  • Can be used with different types of bread
  • Finished product can be stored for 7 to 30 days.

Available now at the mill, while stocks last.
And for your lunch options, consider our tools available at the mill and on the Festival des Pains website.

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