Because our commitments
are also yours

Since 1887, Moulin d’Auguste has focused on an essential value: local produce.
A Regional Company for over a century, Moulin d’Auguste always strives
to select high-quality wheat which is grown as close as possible
to its production site.

It also has its own trucks, so Moulin d’Auguste has voluntarily
limited its delivery range to 150 km around Andelys (its site)
to always be more responsive to its customers and limit
its environmental impact.

More generally committed to voluntary sustainability,
alongside its cereal and bakery partners Moulin d'Auguste contributes
to regional economic development but also the personal development
of the men and women who are involved in this development.

Moulin d’Auguste is ISO 9001 certified by LRQA as part of QUAL-EASY.
It is also certified by BUREAU VERITAS for its organic flours.

Le Moulin d'Auguste wanted to limit
its environmental impact
with specific initiatives:

Since 2003, Moulin d'Auguste has used 21% renewable energy for its electricity needs.

99% of its wheat comes from the department of Eure.

100% of its flour is delivered within a 150 km radius.

Reduce vehicle size

Since 2003 Moulin d’Auguste has encouraged loose storage amongst its professional customers.
For its flour packed in bags, it uses PEFC labelled brown kraft paper as well as aqueous inks.

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A company which supports
its employees

Moulin d’Auguste works hand-in-hand with its employees
and is always striving to improve their working conditions:

  • Reduction in unit weight of bags from 50 kg to 40 kg since 2005 and 25 kg since 2013
  • Installation of a fully automatic bagging machine and a palletiser for packaging all bread flours in 2018
  • Installation of a new special flour production line with semi-automatic bagging in 2018
  • No longer packing wheat germs in 35 kg bags and transition to 750 kg big bag in 2017
  • Removal of waste bags and transition to loose storage
  • Modernisation of the fleet of delivery trucks and improved ergonomics
  • Creation of a facility and walkway for cleaning trucks and replacement of high-pressure cleaner
    (operating on biodiesel with use of 99.9% biodegradable soap)
  • Commissioning of a new electric lifting platform to replace a gas lifting platform in 2017
  • Commissioning of 2 state-of-the-art electric forklifts for pallet deliveries in 2017
  • Refurbishment and rearrangement of loading docks in 2018
  • Refurbishment of the courtyard and external lighting in 2018
  • Complete overhaul of production workstation ergonomics in 2018
  • Reduced production noise via process modifications and installation of soundproofed boosters in 2018
  • Commissioning of an electric stacker in the mill in 2018
  • Creation of a new staff rest area in 2018