3 ranges, over 60 flours

Because you are unique, Moulin d’Auguste offers
3 ranges of flour adapted to your needs.


Les Délices d'Auguste blés biologiques et conventionnels

Délices d'Auguste ® - Trademark created in 2003, which includes all the Moulin d’Auguste creations from standard local wheat:

  • Flour from standard local wheat:
    This includes « Tradition d’Auguste ® » (traditional French flour), « Primor d’Auguste » (standard white sandwich loaf) and « Spécialités d’Auguste » for special bread flour.
  • Flour from organic local wheat:
    This includes « Les bio d’Auguste » created in 2011 and made up of 4 flours, notably including a Type 80 traditional French flour (richer in fibre and minerals).
L'Andelyse farine de blés Label Rouge
  • Red Label flour made from local wheat:
    L’Andelyse ® Traditional French Red Label flour made from regional wheat.


Moulin d'Auguste, adhérent de Festival des Pains

Festival des Pains ® - National Trademark which Moulin d'Auguste has held along with 27 other mills since 1994, with head offices located in Larnotte-Beuvron in Sologne. It has a research and training centre for development and inspection of Moulin d’Auguste flours produced under the Festival des Pains trademark, but also to offer short work placements.
This notably includes the « Festival ® » flour (white sandwich loaf), the « Festive ® » (traditional French Red Label flour) and the « Festi ® » flours for special breads.


Moulin d'Auguste, pain normand tradition française

Pain Normand ® - Regional Trademark belonging to the Compagnons du Pain Normand association, where Moulin d’Auguste has been a supervisory committee member since 1998.

Pain Normand ® is mainly made of a traditional French flour.

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